Auction Presenter (automatic slideshow)

The Auction Flex Auction Presenter allows you to display your items on a projector or large screen television as they are being sold. You can also use the Auction Presenter prior to the auction in preview mode, automatically scrolling through your catalog. The Auction Presenter can be controlled by the Auctioneers Screen or synchronized with a clerk.

Auction Presenter
Auction Presenter
Presenter In Use
Auction Presenter in Use

How does it work?

The Auction Presenter can be automatically controlled by any clerk station by way of the clerking grid or by the Auctioneers using the Auctioneers Screen. Additionally, the presenter can be manually controlled using keyboard shortcuts to advance forwards, backwards, or to a specific lot.

How do I set up my computer?

The Auction Presenter runs as a separate window in Auction Flex. This allows you to drag the Auction Presenter to a second display such as a projector or large screen monitor, while still working in Auction Flex on the main screen. To run the Auction Presenter while using the computer for another function (clerking or Auctioneers Screen), you will need the following:

  • Computer loaded with Auction Flex on your computer network.
  • If running a desktop PC, you will need either a second video card, or a video card that can handle dual monitors.
  • If running a laptop, ensure that the laptop can run dual monitors in Extended Desktop mode. You can check for this feature by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting Properties, and clicking the Display tab. You should see an option to "Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor" after plugging in your projector.

Projectors and TV's

The Auction Presenter can be used with any external display. The most common are large screen televisions or projectors. Please check your computer to ensure the proper connection between devices. A VGA video cable is widely accepted for connecting an additional display, however, S-video and HDMI cables may also be used depending on your computer.

Setting up your presenter

The Auction Presenter settings can be adjusted to show your logo, additional description information, custom colors for the background, hi-res images and specific placement for the above. For more information regarding the Auction Presenter feature and how it can improve the quality of your next auction, please Contact Us!