Auction Checkout Presenter

The Auction Flex Auction Checkout Presenter allows you to display a bidder's won lots to them at checkout using a second monitor on your checkout station. Using the Checkout Presenter means you no longer have to verbally communicate the won lots to the bidder. Instead, you can direct their attention to the monitor that is displaying their lots. It saves time, improves accuracy, and makes you look professional.

Checkout Presenter
Auction Checkout Presenter
Checkout Presenter Options
Auction Checkout Presenter Options

How does it work?

The Auction Checkout Presenter runs from the checkout computer using a second monitor.

How do I set up my computer?

The Auction Checkout  Presenter runs as a separate window in Auction Flex. This allows you to drag the Checkout Presenter to a second display such as a monitor, while still working in Auction Flex on the main screen. To run the Auction Checkout Presenter you will need the following:

  • Computer loaded with Auction Flex on your computer network.
  • If running a desktop PC, you will need either a second video card, or a video card that can handle dual monitors.
  • If running a laptop, ensure that the laptop can run dual monitors in Extended Desktop mode. You can check for this feature by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting Properties, and clicking the Display tab. You should see an option to "Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor" after plugging in your projector.

In Auction Flex simply open the Auction Checkout form and towards the bottom left you will see a button labeled "Checkout Presenter". Click this button, the Checkout Presenter will start in it's own window. Now simply drag this window to your second monitor and click start. That's it.

For more information regarding the Auction Checkout Presenter feature and how it can improve the quality of your next auction, please Contact Us!